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Supposedly the soft and affluent part of England, though it has certainly not always been so.  Read Hardy to realise just how tough it was as the Industrial Revolution tore the rural communities apart.  Even today there are villages where the wealth of the South has somehow passed by and there is a huge gulf between the rich incomers and the locals.  It can be exceptionally beautiful, though I am slightly biased having grown up on the fringes of what was Berkshire and is now Oxfordshire; apparently nobody really wants to own the backwater that is the Vale of the White Horse.

At the other extreme is the rat-race of the all-embracing Metropolitan commuter belt, London like a black hole, sucking life and energy from the region.  In between, the cultural centre of the Universe, Oxford, with centuries of stunning architecture and the beautiful Cotswolds, charming, romantic and surprisingly quiet despite their proximity to the capital.

Childrey, Oxfordshire Bibury, Cotswolds HMS Victory, Portsmouth, England
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