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Travelogues and photography books

After much dithering and procrastination, in 2010, at last I managed to get round to completing my first book, Timbuktu Overland,  followed closely the following year with my second book, Yemen: Travels in a State of Terror.

The ones in colour are mainly travelogues and coffee table books without any profound comment.  The others mainly in black and white, also without profound verbal comment, are less travel books than my attempts at artistic interpretation of various locations and events.

Click on the images for a free preview...and please feel free to buy the books or send me comments (preferably constructive and encouraging).

Future publications including novels and other fiction

In this last section below are planned books which I have started to research and draft.  Maybe I will get round to putting the rest of my travel writings in order...if you are really keen, and particularly if you are a prospective publisher, I do have sample chapters of all of the titles below, but I seem to be making little progress in completing them.  As time passes, they become ever less likely to be completed.

Round the world Hell is in Norway Lindahl's World Nowhere

A voyage of discovery 

Round the world is about one man’s voyage of discovery, of himself, the world and three star hotels.  It is an irreverent look at European, American and Oriental idiosyncrasies and culture.  There are those who will not be offended by it, but I can’t think whom. 

They say that travel broadens the mind...but what do they know?

My life as an exile

Hell is in Norway sets out to explode some of the myths surrounding this supposedly just, caring country.  The reality is closer to 1984, and has more in common with the Soviet Union than a modern democracy.  Not surprisingly it has one of the world’s highest suicide rates.

 It is an advanced, high tech economy with an electrical system built to the same specification as Albania’s and where, as a result, they have more domestic electrical fires than any other country in Europe.

Scandinavians exposed

I first met Lindahl, or rather saw him as he walked across the grass on his hands.  Due to his less than sober state he was also walking on his feet.  The fact that his head was horizontal, provided him with a somewhat unusual perspective of the world, but then his education in Sweden had no doubt also contributed to his bizarre perspective of "abroad".

The sorry tale of a group of Scandinavians on a cheapie package deal to Gran Canaria including an interesting take on the Battle of Poltava and troglodyte habitations.

Virtual travel

"If I cannot be sure that what I experience when I am awake is real, can I be sure that my dreams are only dreams?"

Nowhere is about the feelings of displacement and of not belonging to where we are.  It is not necessarily about being very far from home, more of not knowing how far we are from home or even not knowing where home is.

Not sure if this will ever be complete, but it seems an apt title to include on

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