East Midlands

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"For those that like that sort of thing", the East Midlands is a truly fascinating area, boasting the highest concentration of coal-fired power plants outside Shanxi, resulting from the fortuitous coincidence of plentiful coal beneath the ground to boil the water, and rivers above to condense the steam.  Ironically today the coal is imported form Australia, the slag heaps which once scarred the landscape are one by one being rehabilitated and the remnants of England's industrial heritage are being turned into museums.

For those who prefer more conventional tourist attractions there is fantastic scenery in the Derbyshire Peak District, numerous stately homes, Sherwood Forest (what is left of it), some passable modern architecture, cathedrals...and for those who can think of nothing else to do with their lives there is Alton Towers, Centre Parcs, and if you are really scraping th barrel, Skegness.

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