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So far there are four themes planned for this site, beyond the obvious obsession with weird buildings and bits of buildings generally.  These are Troglodytes (underground dwellings), famous architects, environmental disasters (must be a joke in there somewhere!) and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a kind of proxy for "my places to see before I die". 

Troglodytes includes semi-underground buildings and I am not quite sure what the definition of environmental disasters includes; I shall probably bend it to suit as I go along.  At the moment it is intended to cover places which have been viable, prosperous civilisations, yet which have managed to screw up their local environment to such an extent that they have either been abandoned or now survive by scraping a precarious existence from severely depleted resources...or tourism.  Pays Dogon comes out fairly high on both counts, so gets pride of place on this page.  Maybe Western Europe will feature here in due course...aided no doubt by well-meaning, but utterly useless architects, planners and politicians.  Dubai makes it as a disaster waiting to happen...could probably include most of the Arab oil nations who just don't seem to get it and really ought to read some history.

Architects  and architectural styles will be more of a ramble through my idiosyncratic favourites rather than a coherent history of the subject; UNESCO sites is pretty well defined already, but I might add my own suggestions.

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