West Midlands

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Despite the hideous conurbation at its centre, there are a number of really rather beautiful parts of the West Midlands.  By and large though, whatever the Lonely Planet Guide might say about the "vibrant culture" of Birmingham, it is not a pretty sight.  But then, by now you should have got the idea that LP guides are about as reliable as the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  Although I freely admit to being a great fan of that work, I most certainly would not trust it to guide me through the West Midlands, England, nor for that matter anywhere else on planet earth.

So, unless you attracted by  the theme of "urban wastelands", avoid Birmingham and seek out the pretty bits!  On the plus side, its one redeeming feature is the number of motorways which enable you to exit as quickly as possible.

Baddesley Clinton Birmingham Charlecote Park Hanbury Hall
Kenilworth Kinwarton Dovecote Lapworth Packwood House
Shugborough Tewksbury Tredington  



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