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Once you get away from the hideous tourist traps, there is plenty of space to walk in fresh air and beautiful scenery.  You will notice that traffic suddenly starts to disappear around Preston on the M6 and I suppose you could argue that civilisation, rather than ending at Watford, starts at Preston.  That would make an interesting first year essay!

BTW, this site is not sponsored by the North West Development Agency, although I am open to offers!  Not that it is all pretty lakes and countryside, but then, even some of the less likely destinations turn out to be quite fascinating, certainly to anyone with similarly eclectic architectural tastes.  Runcorn, one of Britain's filthiest towns, surrounded by oil refineries, chemical works, car factories and other unwholesome activities, has some fascinating buildings, though I have heard that the infamous James Stirling's work has long since been torn down.

Just a few samples here of the amazing variety of buildings, landscape and museums from the region, with one or two notable omissions, such as Liverpool, which have fallen victim to the digital age which means that they will remain as 35mm slides until I get round to scanning them...or I could just go back and redo them digitally I suppose.

Lake District Blackpool Manchester Chester
Runcorn Little Moreton Hall Speke Hall Rufford Hall




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