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Most of the places I really want to visit are relatively easy to get to as I am not the only person wanting to go there; some are a little more challenging.

This part of the site is dedicated to the less accessible places which are on my "must see" list, but really need more than a passport, internet air ticket and a credit card.  I also intend to include here journeys where the travelling is as much a part of the experience as the destination; so that includes Trans-Siberian railway. 

When I started this site I was unsure quite how challenging or uncomfortable  these journeys really could be, but anyway thought I should share my experience in the hope of helping others take the plunge...or wisely decide to stay at home and watch telly!  However, my theory is that if Michael Palin and a 30 strong camera crew can do it, then I probably can too.  We shall see.

Click on the links above or images below to see the relevant location.  Obviously the ones without dates have not yet happened, but almost certainly will if someone decides to sponsor me!


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Interail 1975 Sahara 2005 Camino de Santiago 2007 Sahara 2008

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