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The North East of England is home to the city which voted itself the best place to live in the entire UK.  For many years I was, along with the majority of the British population, somewhat dismissive of the questionable accolade attributed to Newcastle, best known for its industrial wasteland following the demise of shipbuilding and just about every other profitable activity which once made it such a thriving centre.

Whilst I remain somewhat sceptical about the delights of the city itself, there is absolutely no doubt that the surrounding region contains some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere on earth, not just the UK.  That, combined with a rich history at the interface between England, Scotland and Scandinavia at the very limits of the Roman Empire, makes it a fascinating and stimulating area to visit.

For the time being a few placeholders to give an idea of what lies in store; one day I will take the time to stay for longer.

Cragside Durham Newcastle Berwick on Tweed
Lindisfarne Yorkshire Sculpture Park Harrogate Blyth





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