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To many visitors, England is synonymous with London.  I cannot recommend London too highly...as a destination to be avoided at all costs.  It is filthy, over-priced, over-rated, over-crowded; the transport system is worse than many third world countries and you will be treated with contempt and disdain as you queue for hours in the pouring rain to see waxworks...

Oxford, only 50 miles West, is oozing with architectural gems from medieval to modern and if you prefer vernacular (and pretty countryside) then it is not much further to the Cotswolds. 

If you want grand scenery just head North to the Lakes or, to avoid other tourists completely, head over the border to the Scottish Highlands...but then, of course, you will be in Scotland, not England and the Scots are very particular about that distinction!


London Odeon (3).JPG (76728 bytes) Downs, England (1).JPG (29332 bytes) Plymouth Cambridge, England (4).JPG (36683 bytes)
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Kenilworth, West Midlands Chatsworth, East Midlands Lake District, England.JPG (77742 bytes) Langsett Mill, North East
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