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Arashiyama, in the Northwest of Kyoto is famed for its bridge (Togetsukyo) crossing the Katsura river.  At the right time of year you can watch cormorant fishing, but sadly not the same time of year as the cherry blossoms line the river, nor when the trees are in their autumn glory.  So, an essential three visits here at least!

Loads of temples, shrines, old streets (and inevitable tourists shops) with great choice of restaurants overlooking the river.  You can get there either by the picturesque train on the Keifuku Line from central Kyoto or on the city bus routes for the standard fare of 230 from anywhere in Kyoto.  Although the buses do tend to be crowded in peak tourist seasons, our particular bus was quite eerily empty when we left Arashiyama before 8 PM in the evening. 

One benefit of the train option is that you arrive at the station which has been decorated with the Kimono Forest, a thousand or so perspex cylinders lined with decorated textiles and lit up at night as a memorial to the local kimono making heritage.

Kimono Forest Tenryu-ji Togetsu-kyo Bridge  




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