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The historic centre of Vicenza is testament to Palladio's architectural legacy, with examples of just about every type of building at every turn.  Lest you forget, there are numerous streets, buildings and so on also named after him, though for some reason his own house is called something else, Casa Cogollo.

It is a delightful place to wander around soaking up culture, with nice restaurants, shops (for those who are intent on  squandering their hard earned cash on designer purses and similar essentials of life) and bars to sit and watch the scenery.

On the downside, the city of Vicenza as a whole is testament to the fact that since the Renaissance, Italian road building has gone steadily downhill, along with a comprehensive inability to provide consistent signposting...

Basilica Palladiana Piazza dei Signori Villa Capra Palladian Buildings
Villa Valmarana (ai Nani) Vicenza Images    


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