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There is a lot more to the Veneto than Venice; with mountains and lakes in the North, through some fairly bland, but productive plains, to Venice itself via some particularly nasty industrial bits around Mestre.  You can get a taste of just about any part of Italy's cultural wealth in the region, Renaissance and Gothic architecture, quaint little hill towns, medieval castles, fortified towns, art galleries the envy of the world, food, wine...

Of course, you just have to do Venice, but you can also have a wonderful time driving aimlessly around the countryside, stumbling upon towns like Marostica and Asolo, which were not really on my planned itinerary, but turned out to be quite special in their own ways.

Asolo Bassano del Grappa Brenta Canal Marostica
Padova Treviso Venezia Verona
Vicenza Palladian Villas    



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