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Cafe Pedrocchi • Piazza del Duomo • Padova Images

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Perhaps Cafe Pedrocchi is the essence of Padua; a cohabitation of privilege and revolution.  Other than that, the inevitable consequences of a university city and the odd mega-cultural churches, cathedral and Giotto's frescos...a thoroughly pleasant place to wander about and enjoy the scenery, food, wine, graffiti and window shopping... if that is your thing.

I confess I succumbed to the food and wine part and, as a result, there are rather less images of cultural stuff than I would have planned on a good day.  Again, another excuse to go back and take some serious pictures...or repeat the not altogether unpleasant day in the sun, watching the world go by with a nice bottle of chilled white wine to keep me company.

Padua Images Piazza del Duomo Cafe Pedrocchi  


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