Bassano del Grappa

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The Ponte degli Alpini at Bassano del Grappa is proof, if any were needed, that Palladio is more than a one trick pony, capable only of continuously regurgitating formulaic villas and church facades on demand.  It demonstrates that other side of architecture, rather less common today, of engineering projects such as structurally challenging bridges.

Admittedly, yet again it is little more than a scaled copy of a Roman template (in this case the design for Julius Caesar's bridge across the Rhine), even to the extent of placing poles upstream of the bridge piers to deflect logs and other potentially damaging objects colliding with the bridge structure. 

Unfortunately I was only passing by as the light was fading and had no time to explore what seems to be a rather delightful town with medieval cathedral, castle...the usual Italian cultural stuff.

 As if I needed an excuse for another visit.


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