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Nottinghamshire is unlikely to rate highly in any competition to host the European City of Culture.  It might fare better as a feature in the Industrial Wastelands of Europe Tour, but even then it lacks the charm of the Ruhr Valley.  Featuring drug related gun crime and general lawlessness, it is not top of most people's holiday destination list.  Still, if you tire of being mugged, having your house broken into or beaten up on the streets of Nottingham on a Friday night, there are always the charms of your local coal-fired power station to bring your visit to a cultural climax.

Actually, to be fair, it is probably not significantly worse than any other region; familiarity (and victimhood) breed contempt.  There are obviously, as you can see from some of the images in this section, some rather attractive places in this county, even Nottingham itself has some interesting cultural sights, most notably the caves beneath the castle and the oldest pub in the country, possibly the world.

Nottingham Southwell Ratcliffe on Soar Sherwood Forest


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