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Possibly epitomising everything Norwegian, Tjellsund's contribution to the Artscape Nordland sculpture project is a DIY piece of Art.  A sad little wooden shed in the middle of nowhere with three windows and a collection of crayons and paper (unfortunately not suitably replenished) so you you can view and record your own thoughts, ideas, or simply the magnificent vista from the windows.

If Art is about helping us to see things differently or understand the visual on another level, maybe this is not quite so annoying as it at first sight appears.  Although, having driven 30 km form the nearest road through some anomalous military security zone where photography is not permitted (regardless the stream and the foxes are from there; hope I don't get shot for breaching national security!) I would have hoped for something more significant, but there again, there are dozens of sketches, notes and graffiti... testament to the numerous school trips to this desolate destination.  Sadly you cannot see (well I couldn't) the amazing sculpture across the water "Heaven on Earth".



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