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Moskenes was almost bound to be an anti-climax.  Apart from claiming the two most beautiful, historic, traditional fishing villages in the whole of Lofoten and being at the end of the road...

I am sure that on a good day, Å would be picture perfect and tranquil; unfortunately I got there on the day day that a cruise ship docked at Svolvaer and bussed 68 coaches full of assorted Germans, French, was awful and has made me vow never to go on a cruise ever, regardless of how fat and boring I become.  You could not walk the streets without tripping over some noisy Italian or other, the restaurant was spewing out its clichéd "typical" Norwegian buffet...

It also did not help that their sculpture was perfectly signposted right up to the car park, then absolutely nothing... ..."somewhere down on the shore", a two kilometre scramble over slippery rocks ending in frightening precipices.  So, no photos of that one!  Nobody seemed to know where it was, not the workmen erecting the much advertised toilet facilities (they turned out to be Swedish), nor the other tourists all looking for it nor the non-existent tourist information...

Maybe I will try it again when there is no cruise ship in port, but they are definitely on their yellow card!

Å Hamnøya Reine Sakrisøya


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