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Japan is something of an acquired taste, but once acquired, rather addictive. 

It is so very different from the West, but has all the attributes of comfort which make their culture relatively digestible.  The food is quite unbelievably wonderful; subtle, sophisticated, an aesthetic delight and a challenge to any palette.  Their architecture deceptively simple.  Clothing, drama, rituals all quite perfectly constructed. 

Somehow they manage to retain their ancient culture and traditions without any loss of efficiency.  So whilst you can happily enjoy a kaiseki feast for lunch amidst the ancient temples of Kyoto, you can be whisked away to Tokyo by bullet train in a couple of hours in plenty of time for another feast, if your appetite, and wallet allow.


Kansai Tokyo Kamakura Nikko
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Central Honshu Sapporo Miyajima Kaiseki
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