Art Deco

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Like many architectural styles, Art Deco is notoriously hard to define.  It is highly eclectic and often means different things in different countries. It embraces a multitude of influences ranging from pseudo modernist interpretations of cruise liners through eclectic neo-Egyptian to stuff bordering on Bauhaus, anything other than the flowery asymmetry of Art Nouveau which preceded it.

Whilst there are those who say it is merely, as the name implies, a decorative style without philosophical basis, it was often applied to buildings where the decorative allusions were deemed relevant, particularly those with "futuristic" pretentions.

Anyway, this is a travel site, not an architectural history one, so I am not going to "do a Pevsner" and attempt to catalogue each and every one, simply include a few of my favourite examples, adding more as I revisit digitally or get round to scanning the thousands of slides moulding away in a cupboard somewhere.

Barkers Department Store Daimler Car Hire Odeon Cinemas Olympia


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