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Whether the statue of the Burghers of Calais is intended as a symbol of civic leaders being prepared to sacrifice themselves for the general good or as a cheap jibe at our French cousins' inclination to surrender as their first military option I do not know, but it is rather pleasant all the same to have some green space and art as a breather amidst the noise and chaos of Parliament Square.

Our unarmed police are a welcome reminder that we, above all nations, manage to preserve our democratic rights without the need to resort to force.  Our soldiers, the official military guards on the other hand are armed with trusty sabres, which would I am sure, intimidate any Muslim nutter armed with no more than an AK-47 and a bucket of Semtex.  Ah, well, at least it keeps the peasants happy.

The Houses of Parliament are a fantastic neo-Gothic contrivance in their own right and might get their own section in due course, but for the time being...


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