Taktshang Lhakgang

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If there is only one thing you see in Bhutan it would have to be the iconic Tiger's Nest Monastery, actually a hermitage.  Ironically, it was originally built in a what was considered to be a remote and inaccessible location, clinging precariously to the side of a cliff.  However, this very picturesque location has made it so famous that every visitor to Bhutan, not to mention the locals who consider it a particularly holy site and thus suitable for an almost mandatory pilgrimage make the not insignificant effort to climb the winding pathway up the mountain.  So now this remote and inaccessible site has more visitors every day than any other site in Bhutan. 

It reminds me of the guy who, in the 1930's, decided to relocate to a remote island, far away from what he feared would be an imminent war.  In the latter analysis he was of course correct; unfortunately his chosen haven of tranquillity, an island thousands of miles from anywhere there was in his opinion any chance of becoming embroiled in hostilities was...Midway!

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