Paro Dzong

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If you were ever allowed to wander around Bhutan without the ever watchful guide and driver hovering by your elbow, and if as a consequence you were to get lost and ask for directions on the one and only main road in the entire country, when you are told to follow the road past the airport and you can't miss it, that would not be an exaggeration.  Paro Dzong, once administrative centre of Bhutan rises majestically through the morning mist right at the northern end of the runway.

The dzong is a fortified building which serves both as a monastery and administrative centre.  Generally with two courtyards, one housing the monks and their chapels, the other accommodating the civil servants of this quaintly medieval anachronism.  Not entirely surprising when the Government is both Church and State.  Brings a whole new dimension to an established church, but then I suppose that's how it was in Europe....half a millennium ago!

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