Paro Airport

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I guess this page is really more about the approach to Paro Airport than the rather insignificant airport itself which has only a couple of flights a day.  Flying in from Bangkok is around a three hour flight over grey misty nothingness punctuated by nothing, until...

Magically the Himalayas emerge from the clouds below.  Sadly this moment is all too short as the plane suddenly drops through the clouds to undertake a simulation of the Dambusters approach to the Möhne Dam.  Whether this approach is dangerous, difficult or just a bit of fun, I have no idea, but if you want to enjoy the experience without actually going there, you will find numerous videos on YouTube.  I am told that planes can only land during daylight and when there is good visibility, no cross winds, the lama thinks it is an auspicious time of the month...not surprisingly flights are rather frequently delayed, cancelled...

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