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Spain is wonderful.  So much to see, so much to, drink, sleep...

To many Spain is no more than the classic, sun, sea, sand, sex and siesta of the Costas and where is the harm in that?  If that is all you want, then it is plenty in itself, but then you would miss out on the real Spain, an endless experience of culture, nature, architecture.  A land of paradoxes where some of  the best seafood is found not by the coast, but right in the centre, hundreds of miles from the sea, and where the angelic señoritas are not quite as innocent as they might at first appear.

Despite its reputation for hot blooded Mediterranean passion, blood feuds and a literature founded on death, revenge and tragedy and equally despite a history of the ultimate intolerance of the Inquisition, internecine feuds, civil war and forty years of fascist rule under Franco, you will find a relaxed, hospitable, charming and welcoming nation, or rather a series of nations as they evolve into their constituent autonomous regions.

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Galicia Asturias Cantabria Basque Country
granada15.JPG (89008 bytes) Barcelona Casa Mila (20).JPG (21353 bytes)
Andalucía Navarra La Rioja Barcelona
Extremadura Castilla y Leon Madrid Castilla La Mancha
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