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Nouakchott | Route de l'espoir | Nouadhibou | Banc d'Arguin | Oualata | Ouadane | Chinguetti | Chinguetti-Tidjikja | Moudjeria | Rachid | Tidjikja | Taoujafet
We only went to Nouakchott to get an entry visa for Mali.   It seemed more interesting than going to Brussels and wasting several days in Europe, or even fighting our way around Casablanca on the way down. 

Our self-imposed two night stop was probably worth it and certainly a welcome break after the long drive from Europe, but you probably would not want to spend any longer there.

The market is interesting for its lack of anything you would ever want to buy; the fisherman's beach a fascinating end to the day.

A couple of decent hotels and your last chance for (massively overpriced) booze in the Islamic Republic. 

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