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Nouadhibou is the first significant town you come to if arrive in Mauritania from Western Sahara.  It is a tatty place with little to commend it and more than its fair share of car thieves.  There are one or two reasonable places to stay and surprisingly good food, though limited access to alcohol, even for non-Muslims; the Chinese seem to have cornered the market for illicit booze which is now outrageously expensive (around 30 for bottle of wine).  Enjoy it while you can; RIM is officially a dry state and food elsewhere ranges from mediocre to inedible, but always over-priced.

The only things of interest are the shipwrecks on the beach and the famous iron ore train, over 2 km long and free to ride all the way to Zouerat, over 500km North East, for humans, goats and sheep.

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