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Before the asphalt road from Nouadhibou to Nouakchott was completed, it was necessary to drive through the Parc National Banc d'Arguin; now it is a worthwhile detour in its own right.  A breeding ground for amazing numbers of birds including flamingos and pelicans which are a joy to see in the wild as they are able to fly!  If you end up driving along the beach from Nouamghar southwards towards Nouakchott, there are flocks of them on the sand, rising up in a vast cloud as you approach.

There are a number of campsites right on the beach, although do not be misled by the recent addition of showers and other washing facilities; there was no water when we were there and it has to be trucked in so probably not much anytime. As elsewhere the Mauritanians make a point out of ripping you off for any added "extras" they can think of so, although we had agreed a rate for our guide and made it absolutely clear that it included entry to the park, his time and expenses, he still tried to sting us for his accommodation, food, entry to park and taxi fare home!

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