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Pays Dogon seemed so remote, so inaccessible and so surreal that I never really imagined I would ever get there.  Now, after the event I realise that nowhere is really inaccessible, it is just a matter of determination, discomfort and more often than not, quite a lot of money.

The occasional French tour groups in locally rented Toyotas do not really destroy the atmosphere and there seems to be plenty of space for everyone.  Somehow, despite the tourism, it manages to maintain its traditional culture and probably will so long as we pay them to do so.  Essentially it comes down to baobab trees, cute straw roofed granaries and weird fetish stuff.

One major contribution to world peace is the communal shelter where aggressive individuals are are encouraged to talk things over.  The roof is only 1.2 meters above the ground so it is impossible to stand up and fight...not sure what a well aimed Kalashnikov would achieve...

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