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Sweden had always seemed like an ideal country to live in; beautiful scenery, good health care and schooling, space for the kids to grow up and a fantastic home by a lake.  

Then suddenly my dream came true...and unravelled in the economic chaos of the early 1990's.  Like many others, I had my fingers very badly burned and only just managed to escape to what at he time seemed like the security of England.  It was also my homeland whilst writing Round the World, so for the full story...

It is quite beautiful in summer and the days seem to go on for ever even in the South.  It has all the attractions of Norway (except the fjords), but without quite the same level of hostility and is vastly more cosmopolitan.  Rent a cottage in the woods and fall out of bed to the sound of bird song and the fabulous scent of the pines.  You might have to bath in the lake and use a soil closet, the Swedes seem to prefer it that way (puts them back in touch with nature),  but you can have it all (en-suite Jacuzzis & saunas etc.) if you prefer.

Hotels are reasonably priced in July when industry shuts down and they can no longer charge the outrageous business prices.  Unfortunately, beer prices do not go down.


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Stockhom West & Central North South

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