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When arriving from Europe it seems exotic, strange and a little dangerous.  On the other hand, returning from the Sahara it appears amazingly organised and almost European!  The EU is obviously pouring buckets of money into the country in the forlorn hope that this may stem the tide of immigrants from all of Africa and make Morocco into a kind of buffer state.

It certainly has amazing potential as a tourist destination with so much space and fantastic scenery; it is quite breathtaking.  The food can be superb, particularly in the big tourist centres like Marrakech, but even in the middle of nowhere you can get freshly cooked if simple dishes, sometimes even with wine!  Once you learn to handle the "guides", con men and begging children and accept the police roadblocks as no more than a minor irritating delay, then it can be a real pleasure.

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Marrakech Essaouira Ouarzazate Ait Benhaddou
Sidi Ifni West Sahara Rabat Maroc Gallery


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