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Dolce et Gabbana est pro patria mori...

It seems that whilst perhaps no longer eager to sacrifice their lives for their fatherland, the Milanese are quite prepared to suffer ridicule and discomfort to perpetuate the myth of their ground-breaking fashion status.  Here you can find street upon street of the most absurdly priced and generally unwearable clothes, shoes, fashion accessories and all the trappings of a trendy, but rather distracted city.

However, even in the midst of stratospheric fashion, they are forced to suffer the indignity of the cancerous presence of McDonalds in the very epicentre of their glorious shopping mall, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, located with supreme irony, right opposite a branch of Louis Vuitton.  Now whilst I am unlikely to enter such an establishment (LV that is...actually neither), much less squander a month's salary on one of their staggeringly over-priced handbags, it is a rather sad blight even for passers by to endure the malodorous stench of cheap fat fries overwhelming the subtle and comforting scent of leather.

On the positive side, in common with most Italian cities, Milan is blessed with more than its fair share of astonishing architecture, galleries, museums and one of the world's most impressive Gothic cathedrals.

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