Segovia Province

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Segovia • Pedraza • Coca • Riofrio • La Granja • Olmedo • Turegano

Apart from the obvious jewel in the crown, the provincial capital, the province of Segovia is bestrewn with charming, romantic, sleepy villages and towns, many with their own particular idiosyncratic castles.  Pedraza with its crumbling, yet still inhabited ruin stands at the head of a valley, behind which lies the old town complete with colonnaded squares and the inevitable asador restaurants.  It is just one of the seven "important" castles of the tourist route; Coca is a masterpiece of Moorish brickwork, Sepulveda, Turegano...just go and see.

Rather like Italy, so stuffed full of cultural gems that some of them are not too well maintained...all adds to the atmosphere!

My only criticism, and a very minor one at that, is that the ubiquitous roast meat leaves little room for other cuisines and even I get a trifle bored with succulent piglet and lamb after a few weeks.


Segovia Pedraza Coca Riofrio
La Granja Olmedo Turegano  


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