Sahara 2008

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Itinerary 2008

We never really intended to go back; it was definitely one of those "once in a lifetime" adventures.  But I had been warned that Africa was addictive, so no great surprise that we feel the urge to return.  This time, however, we are planning to spend a bit more time in the desert, particularly Mauritania with some fascinating old towns and the amazing crater, the "Eye of Africa".

Unfortunately this means we won't have time for much of Mali, and we tell ourselves we are only going there to sell the dear old car!  It will be interesting to see if anything has changed despite promises of better roads.  I suspect the only change will be more pointless "security"; already we have been advised that we need to get a visa before we go to RIM...or not, depending which week it is.

In the event, we did get to Bamako and do the interesting desert crossing from Chinguetti to Tidjikja in Mauritania.  We had allowed ten days to sell the car and do some sightseeing in Mali, but unfortunately sold the car on day 1 and spent the remainder uncharacteristically (and rather boringly) lying by the pool, drinking cold beer!  Can't win them all.


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