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Germany manages somehow to maintain its reputation of Teutonic efficiency, despite having some of Europe's least organised travel facilities.  Most airports are completely chaotic to the extent that you are almost certain to miss your flight unless you arrive several hours ahead, where they still have not managed to organise sensible accommodation to coincide with major trade fairs (they just double the hotel prices to manage demand and even then you end up with a two hour commute each day).  For a supposedly advanced Western nation it has some bizarrely anachronistic customs; it still has old women as lavatory attendants (who expect to be tipped) and at times the whole place seems to be  a throwback to the 1960's.  It is sterile, boring and over-priced, but then I have still to visit the interesting bits...manic castles mostly.  The food is stodgy and flavourless, although the excellent beer goes some way to compensate for that; no wonder that a quarter of the average German's nutritional intake is attributed to the beer.  Indeed, its few redeeming features, good beer, fast cars and sultry blondes probably make up for the rest, at least as far as any red blooded male is concerned.


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