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One of the more confusing efforts in the skulpturlandskap project; excellent signposting from the main road which suddenly stops as you arrive at the end of a dirt track with no obvious location for the sculpture.  I start by photographing what turned out to be the remnants of a WWII gun emplacement, confusingly similar to one of the actual (deliberate) sculptures at Flakstad.  I treat it as though it were a sculpture and, as far as I was concerned it was a sculpture, not requiring any art critic to label it as such or otherwise.  The first rows of images are of this "sculpture".

On checking my crib sheet I discover that the "real" sculpture is a rather ingenious head which appears to invert as you walk around it.  I asked a passing German hiker if she had seen it: "it is 800 metres that way".  Not "about a kilometre", but "800 metres"!  How very Germanic and precise.  I turned a corner to find a sign pointing to the sculpture, clearly marked "800 metres".



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