Easter Island

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Easter Island, the most remote inhabited place on earth.  Thousands of miles from Pitcairn Island (population 120) and even further from everywhere else.  Five hours flight from Santiago de Chile, so why bother?  Top of my "must see" list since I was a child and further inspired by a TV documentary explaining how it was the epitome of a man-made environmental disaster which practically wiped out its inhabitants.

To its people, the Rapa Nui, it is the centre of the world as China is to the Chinese, concepts I always have difficulty with as a Eurocentric.

The wild horses still roam the hills and valleys, mad animals that canter down to the waters edge to drink salt water straight from the Pacific Ocean.  Nowadays, most of the locals prefer their beat up Toyota pick-ups and horses have become a white elephant for those unfortunate tourists who are given one on their arrival and cannot of course just leave it on departure!


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