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I have been advised that day trips to the opposite end of the world are not a particularly smart idea.  However, if that is all the time you is still not a good idea.  Slight exaggeration as I was actually there for the whole weekend, but...still not a good idea.

Given this cop out clause, I suppose I ought to give them the benefit of the doubt and go back again sometime.  I had been led to believe that Melbourne was the cultural bit; unfortunately Melbourne is the only place I managed to visit so comparisons are difficult, another excuse to go back and see what I was missing, because Melbourne, though pleasant enough and an understandably decent place to live was, for a visitor, rather bland.  For a European it is all a bit superficial; you really do notice that there are no historical buildings and the "old" ones just look rather tatty examples of second rate Victorian architecture.

I was also told that all Aussies are really laid back.  I guess it is all relative, but I found them far less laid back than the New Zealanders.  Still on my list of places to see before I die are Sydney, for the bridge and opera house, and Ayers rock, or whatever the PC thought police have renamed it.  I read somewhere that the locals are trying to copyright photos of the monolith; where will it all end?!


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