Welcome to this independent travel site, unashamedly subjective and based entirely on my own travel experiences and aspirations.  All my life I have seen images of far away places that fascinated me and, with the advent of cheap travel, I started to actually visit the objects of my dreams.  I have a list of places to see before I die and have worked out that if I visit one each year, I will see them all and die a happy man at 120 years of age.

The purpose of the site is to share with you the beauty and fascination of these places; in some cases to see what they were like many years ago when I first visited them, but also to share some practical tips for those of you who prefer independent travel with en suite bathrooms.  I get so fed up with the assumption that you either have to book a packaged tour and sit in a bus with your grandparents, or if you are independent, then you must aspire to the nightlife recommendations of "Rough Guide" or the backpacking, student-budget discomfort of "Lonely Planet".  In my dreams I also hope that one day the director of a travel magazine will commission me to spend the remainder of my years floating around the world, writing and photographing my dream destinations.

Some of you might even want to buy my books!!  After decades of dithering, I finally published my first effort, based on an overland journey to Timbuktu in 2009, closely followed by a second recounting a visit to Yemen before the turmoil.  For more details, click on the link and you can get a free preview...and even buy a copy if you like what you see!  Anyway, whatever you think, please feel free to send me your comments, add information or tell me what you think of the site.



It is becoming a bit trite, but still true, that some good may come out of the pandemic...

And so it is for me that, rather than endlessly expanding my library of unused images, I now have time to edit and upload some of the places I just never got round to previously.  So, coming soon will be Svalbard, then maybe some European countries such as Germany and France, not to mention amazing Scotland.

Also thought I might include a feature page or location once a month, just to keep the site fresh and to create some kind of discipline.  Let's see how long that lasts!