Neo-Gothic Architecture

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For the time being, the quite stupendous St Pancras railway station is the only neo-Gothic architecture featured, but there will be plenty of others in due course, not least the fabulous hotel adjacent.

As a feat of railway engineering it is perhaps the epitome of everything great about Britain.  It is gloriously impractical, cost over 800 million in repairs (plus an additional 200 million for the hotel) and was actually built by the Victorians, just like the rest of our railway system.  However, it is a bit of a shame that they moved the Eurostar terminal from its original location.  I mean, it may be a lot more convenient for me, but I think we all enjoyed rubbing the Frenchies noses in it as they arrived in the UK at Waterloo.

Whilst the Eurostar trains are fast and comfortable, the notion of international rail travel being less stressful than flying is being steadily eroded as they introduce ever more pointless "security" procedures to add to your discomfort, inconvenience and delay.  And when you finally get to the national connections you are back to the ancient, stinking diesels and queuing up waiting for the platform to be announced.  It would be far too complicated to actually schedule platforms on a regular, timetabled basis like every other country in the world, after all, its not like they are running a railway!



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