A to Å

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The first letter of the Norwegian alphabet is "A"; the last is "Å".  How very confusing!  So,  "A to Å"  means "A to Z".  Even more confusing!

So this journey is from Andenes on the Northernmost tip of the Norwegian Lofoten Islands, to Å in the very South where the road ends.  Admittedly hardly an expedition, although the privations of alcohol challenged Norway compete with those of Mauritania...as do some of the roads!  At least the plumbing works!  I spent around 10 days of uninterrupted sunshine, 24 hours a day...way up in the Arctic!

Each local authority (kommune) in Northern Norway had agreed to commission a work of art, a sculpture in the landscape, some more ambitious and imaginative than others.  Some were in town centres to be viewed by many, others in the middle of nowhere and consequently more integrated into the landscape.  This was a journey to explore and photograph each one, often spending all night and all day just watching the changing light.

Skarstad Evenes Myklebostad
Sortland Stokmarknes Skånland Moskenes
Eggum Flakstad Vågan Hustad


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